Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thankfulness in the midst of busyness...

Today I am sitting in the resort in Orlando, Florida.  It has been quite a week thus far.  On Monday we took my granddaughter's art work (digital photography) to the convention center for the National Fine Arts Festival and went to evening services.  Tuesday we went to Sea World.  Wednesday we stayed at the resort and swam and just vegged out for the day and then went to evening services.  Today, we are headed to the beach.  Tomorrow we haven't decided the day but we know we are going to evening services.  And Saturday morning we start the long trek home to Kansas City.

I am very excited to be spending this time with my precious granddaughter.  I am looking forward to the rest of the week...well, except for the long drive home.  {*smiles*}

This week has definitely made me appreciate my amazing hubby more.  See, when we travel, he drives...he holds the money...he is 'in charge.'  Well, he isn't traveling with us this time.  It's just me and Lylea.  So...that means I drive...I hold the money...I am in charge.  I am not particularly fond of driving in unfamiliar areas...I also realize that I don't like being the 'money' person.  Knowing how much money I have 'left' is disconcerting.  I like just knowing there is money for food, gas, etc.  But with Jim not being here, I have to be aware of HOW MUCH money there is.  It would be awful to be stranded because I overspent.  So, this week, I am thankful, oh, so thankful, for my hubby and his 'traveling' sense.  I so appreciate his ability to make our travels more 'fun' for me.

I am also thankful for the hand of God on Lylea and me as we travel.  Traveling makes me sleepy.  Being the only driver...I cannot get sleepy and I must be alert.  God is so good...the way down here was very easy.  I didn't get sleepy and I felt like I was alert.  I pray that the trip back will be as easy.  We will get a motel once so there will be 2 long days of driving.  Please join me in praying for our safe return. 

Have a blessed and thankful week.

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  1. I am thankful my daughter had the opportunity to go to the fine arts festival. I am thankful for her God given gifts and her passion. And I am thankful she is safe with her Nana. :)


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