Thursday, August 22, 2013

Letting go and letting God...

Thankful I am having trouble with the 'thankful' part of this day.  It is stupid really.  I know in my head that I don't always have to have my own way.  Goodness, I don't ever have to have my own way.  So why is it that when I don't get my way that it puts me in a rotten mood?  Why is it that when things don't go the way I want them to that I get upset?  Does it matter that I don't get MY way?  We can pass off our little attitude at not getting our way as 'human response' but I don't really think that flies with God.

As a follower of Christ are we not supposed to act different than the world?  As a follower of Christ don't we go around saying 'not my will but His be done?'  Well, I have failed...again!  Yes, I am human and I want things my way...and...yes, I am a follower of the Lord and I want His will in my life.  So why don't those two things line up with each other?  They don't line up because I only see a small portion of the puzzle and God sees the whole thing.  My way could have an adverse effect on the bigger picture and because I don't see the bigger picture, I don't know that.  God does.

So...I will relent. I will give it to God and allow Him to work.  I can't change this thing anyway.  Only God can do the work.  I give in...I turn it over to God.  I am thankful for His hand on my life and I trust Him to know what is best. 

God forgive me for trying to manipulate things to fit my way.  As I lay down the controls again, I ask you to pick them up.  Help me to stop yanking them out of Your hands and to trust You because You know best.

Have a blessed and thankful day.

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  1. It can be hard. We desire to have things done our way. But our way may not ultimately be God's way. Great encouragement.


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