Friday, August 16, 2013

Family Friday - Back to School Thoughts

Your child has likely gone back to school the past week or two, or is getting ready to head back to school. So today I would like to pray for your child.


We come to You today lifting our children to You as they go back to school.

We pray, first, for their safety. Protect them as the go to and from their school. Keep them safe as they play on the play ground or walk from class to class. Help no harm to come to them physically. Keep Your mighty hands around them.

Next we pray for their studies. Father, help our children to listen well and understand what they are being taught. Help them to retain what they learn each day. When it comes time for their homework, help them to focus on their work and complete the entire task without difficulty. If they experience struggles, help them to press on and not give up. When they take tests, please let everything they have learned come to memory.

Father, we also pray for their sleep and health. As they lay their head on their pillow each night, help sweet sleep to come to them. Let them sleep soundly and wake up rested and refreshed. We pray that our children our healthy and sickness does not come to them.

We ask that You would bless their teachers. Help their teachers to be committed to not only teaching, but truly listening to the heart of the students. Bless the teachers' home life, health and if the do not know You, help them to come to know You.

Lord, we ask that You would bless our children's Christian witness. Help them to be the light of You each day as they walk into their school.  Let their teachers and fellow students see You through them. Help them to stand up for what is right and stand strong on their beliefs, never compromising what is right and what is true.

Father, please help this year to be a blessed year for our children. Protect them physically, mentally and spiritually.

In Jesus Name,


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