Monday, June 24, 2013

Marriage Monday - Power of a Praying Wife Week 22

I have always said that men suffer from PMS the same as women. {smiles} Now, I do not know if this is medically proven. But in my experience, many of the men I know have a few days each month that they are emotional and moody, just like we are. Then there are men who just seem to always be downright moody.

Men go through emotions of anger, bitterness, hostility, sadness, and loneliness. The emotions can dictate their day and how their family reacts to them.

If your husband is always angry, often the family is afraid of him. They may even do things for him out of fear, not love. If your husband is always depressed, this can make the family feel the depression too, and feel as though they are not enough to make him happy.

Often these feelings are only an habitual way of thinking that has been given place over time. Men tend to believe it's part of their character that can't be altered, but these patterns can be broken. Don't stand by and watch your husband be manipulated by his emotions. Freedom may be just a prayer away.

We don't have to live this way ladies! Our husband's don't have to live this way! God doesn't want him to live in this state of depression or anger. He doesn't want this for our husbands or our families. There is much power in prayer, power to heal his emotions.

Does your husband struggle with emotions? Anger? Sadness? Sister, you have the power to pray for him. Comment here, or email me, and I will join you in prayer.

This week's prayer:

Lord, You have said in Your Word that You redeem our souls when we put our trust in You {Psalm 34:22}. I pray that {husband's name} would have the faith in You to redeem his soul from negative emotions. May he never be controlled by depression, anger, anxiety, jealousy, hopelessness, fear or suicidal thoughts. Specifically I pray about {area of concern}. Deliver him from this and all other controlling emotions {Psalm 40:17}. I know that only You can deliver and heal, but use me as Your instrument of restoration. Help me not to be pulled down with him when he struggles. Enable me instead to understand and have words to say that will bring life.

Free him to share his deepest feelings with me and others who can help. Liberate him to cry when he needs to and not bottle his emotions inside. At the same time, give him the gift of laughter and ability to find humor in even serious situations. Teach him to take his eyes off his circumstances and trust in You, regardless of how he is feeling. Give him patience to possess his soul and the ability to take charge of it {Luke 21:19}. Anoint him with 'the oil of joy' {Isaiah 61:3}, refresh him with Your Spirit and set him free from negative emotions this day.


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