Friday, June 21, 2013

Living with Grace

Peace...I am desperate for any kind of peace in my home....

The kids fight and this mom goes nuts
The husband comes home late and misses dinner I find my head ready to explode from anger
We have NO groceries in the house and NO extra money coming in, stick a fork in me I'm so DONE!

Come Friday evening I'm so exausted from being on edge all week I go to bed at 7 and miss out on everything...

Does this sound like you sometimes? Maybe it's just me...

In our book Resolution for Woman the author gives a BEAUTIFUL image of Grace...I would like to share with you,

"A husband is a salesman and sales have been low during that month. Times were tough and one day as the husband was working and the wife started flipping on switches in the home she quickly noticed that the electricity was off. As the day went on the house got darker and darker until finally the husband came home to a candle-lit dinner, his family all smiles around the table. He sits down exausted but enjoys a wonderful evening with his family full of laughter and smiles. As the evening comes to a close his head hits the pillow and he passes out from such a long day. The next morning he wakes up and heads to the bathroom only to find the lights won't work and then it hits him, the candles were so he wouldn't feel less of a man unable to provide for his family..."

I cried when I read this story...I am so not like this. This woman extended such grace to her husband, she could have sat sulking all day because of no electricity...she could have ranted and raved at her husband and went off on him as soon as he got home...but she didn't!

"Whether you are married or single, your home is holy ground.." you have the power to change the spiritual climate of your home, if you want peace, then YOU are to dispense grace whereever, whenever you can.

Grace means giving someone a break when they deserve it the least...that's exactly what God did for you..I don't want my family to go around walking on egg shells, I want their laughter and joy to ring through-out our house. I want my husband to come home not to a list of 'to-do's' but to hugs and love. I want Grace, God's grace to be seeping through every crevace of my home, I want the neighbors to feel it and wonder what we have...we have been given such an amazing gift of Grace through our Lord Jesus...shouldn't we also dispense that same grace to those around us....

"Lord forgive me for the grace I have not shown my me to live moment by moment full of your Spirit so that I can dispense grace wherever it is needed, let Your Spirit invade my home so all my family sees is You and your love...we need You Lord. Amen."


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