Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Eggs, Eggs, Everywhere Eggs!

Easter time generally means a couple of dozen hard boiled eggs that go uneaten and end up getting tossed out.  What is a mama to do with all those Easter eggs!?

Here are three ideas to use up your Easter eggs this week.

  1. In our home we have what we call the "snack basket." This is a basket in our refrigerator {and one on the counter} with healthy snacks that I portion into snack size baggies for the kids.  We love to put hard boiled eggs in there.  I peel and rinse them then place one per baggie and it makes the perfect snack the kids can grab themselves.
  2. Tuna salad is a great go to dinner, especially when you have all those eggs already boiled.  Simply dice up the eggs, add your tuna, mayo, and we like sweet relish.  Quick, easy dinner!
  3. Creamed eggs over toast is a delicious breakfast!  Gravy mix {or make your own if you do so}, just make as directed on package. My favorite gravy mix is McCormick country sausage gravy.  Once it is done add your sliced eggs to the mix.  Pour gravy with eggs over a slice of toast.  My husband and kids love this for breakfast Easter morning.
What are your favorite recipes to use up all those hard boiled eggs?  Comment below and share with us!

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