Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thankful for precious time with my God!

What a great day!  I heard someone say earlier this week that any day on this side of the ground is a good day.  {*smiles*}  This past week I had the privilege of attending a women's conference with my beautiful daughter, Jenifer (of this blog and ~Sweet Blessings~), who is also my Children's Pastor's wife and my beautiful Youth Pastor's wife, Krista.  It was an amazing time of bonding with the wives of my staff. 

What I really enjoyed about the weekend was listening to hundreds of women raising their voices in praise to their father.  There is something so refreshing and soothing when hearing the unrestricted praises of God's daughters!  The 'sessions' at this conference were amazing as well.  The beautiful women leading each session were open and vulnerable in sharing their hearts with us. 

I am so thankful for the opportunity to get away for a couple of days.  I am thankful for the women who took time out of their busy schedules to pour into our lives.  I am thankful for the way God works.

Even if you don't get the opportunity to 'get away' for some precious time to bond or 'get close to' God...make time to slip away to a special place...a prayer closet, if you will...and spend some time just worshipping and praising God.  Sing to Him.  Love on Him.  You don't have to 'ask' for anything...just tell Him how much you love Him and thank Him for all that He has done for you.  I won't regret taking the time.

Have a blessed day,

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  1. It was a beautiful weekend and I am thankful for the time. I loved listening to the praises of God's daughters.


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