Friday, January 18, 2013

Gone Forever

This month in our Resolution for Women Study we're talking about Forgiveness. We're doing this from the book The Resolution for Women from the movie Courageous. When I started this book I was looking for a change. A change in perspective, a change in my thought process...a life change. I think with this section I'm getting what I've been praying for and I hope you are too if you've been following along.

Forgivness is hard. If something has been done to you, you feel wronged, abused, misused in some way, its hard to just forget it and move on. It's impossible to do it in your own strength. Impossible. You have to ask for help, God's help.

When I close my eyes at night visions of the wrong circle my head. I have nightmares. When I wake up in the morning the wrong is front and center in my mind. As I go through my day the wrong seems like it's sitting on my shoulder whispering, reminding me...forever haunting me.

The wrong always seems huge. A lot bigger than the blessing. Yes, no matter how big the wrong is there is a blessing. A little piece of Heaven to be found. A little piece of God's love wrapped up just waiting for us to find....but you know what needs to be done before we find it?

Forgive. And drop the offense. Delete it, remove it forever from our mind. Destroy it and choose not to pick it up again.

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We have been forgiven much, ladies. Therefore we need to forgive much.

Think back, what's the worst thing you've ever done? The thing that's secret, only you and God knows....guess what? That was forgiven. Never will God bring that up again. Never will He whisper to anyone what you did. Mercy overflows, Grace wipes it clean and Love heals the shame.

"Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you." Col 3:13

The wrong may be huge. It may be the worst possible thing anyone could ever imagine. The person may deserve every bad thing imagineable BUT...besides all that...Jesus died for that person too, He loves that person too. And He wants YOU to be free, truly FREE. It IS a day to day struggle. Every day lay it at the feet of Jesus and ask for His help to take one more stop, one more breath into forgiveness. Every day I tell God I DO forgive, help me forget...heal my heart, and every day I'm able to take one more more step into freedom.

There will be good days, there will be bad days but one day you will look up, take a deep breath and realize...the scar is there but the hurt is gone forever.

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  1. Great encouragement! Forgiving someone can be so hard but if God is going to forgive us we must forgive others!


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