Thursday, December 13, 2012

Saturday Work Days & a Crazy, Mixed Up Family!

I am continuing to 'purposefully' count my blessings for this year.  I pray that you are counting yours along with me.

Today I am thankful...

501.  ... for the opportunity to 'Walk thru Bethlehem' at a local church.

502.  ... for being able to spend some time together with my church family as we 'Walk thru Bethlehem.'

503.  ... for Saturday work days at church and the number of people that show up to help!

504.  ... for email stories that cause me to think and reflect.

505.  ... for my grandson {Zach} that forever wants to 'spend the night with Nana & B'bo.  I know it can't be that much fun being with us...but he asks EVERY time he sees us!  I love you, Zach!

506.  ... for the willingness of my ladies at church who step up...time and time again.  I hate asking so much of them, but they never stop giving!  I love you, Ladies!

507.  ... for my son, Jeremy.  He is a wonderful husband to my daughter and father to their 4 children.  He is an amazing addition to our family!

506.  ... for my son, David.  He is an great husband to my daughter and father to their 2 kids.  He is trooper!

507.  ... for my daughter, Melissa {~Liss}.  She is such a special and sweet woman of God.  She is an amazing wife to my son and mother to their 2 boys. 

508.  ... for the way God is 'working things out.'

509.  ... for my amazing, crazy, mixed up family.

510.  ... that God never ceases to work in our matter how old we get!

511.  ... that when God closes one door He always opens another.

512.  ... for a church that is excited to see God moving!

513.  ... for support and love from family and friends.

514.  ... the ever watchful eye of a mama over her little (or not so little) ones.

515.  ... the close-knit family that we are!

So, tell me...what are some things for which you are thankful?  Comment below or share with us on Twitter or FaceBook.  We would love to hear from you.

God bless and have a Merry Christmas! 


  1. Its great to be back!! Im thankful for forgiveness, grace, patience (when I have it), and chocolate! I read somewhere yesterday about being a missionary to our families before we can mission outside the home. I'm holding fast to this today. <3, Kendra


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