Friday, November 30, 2012

A Family's Heart following God

We're going to take a little brake from the Resolution Bible Study for Women today. I want to share with you something that has been on my heart for a long time...maybe it could help you.

There's nothing I want more than for my family and I to follow hard after God. To serve Him as a family full on, nothing stopping us. Can you imagine, imagine the power behind your family. Imagine the miracles God could perform through you and your family if we were truly on fire for Him.

With this realization comes a lot of apprehension. A lot of doubt, fear and questions. That's just like Satan isn't it? When you're about to do something new and amazing fear sets in and your feet feel frozen...

Do you feel like this? The questions that run around in your head are endless..

"I wasn't brought up in a Christian home, I have no idea where to start..."
"My husband isn't in the same place I am with God, he doesn't see the importance, so why even start until he gets there?"
"My kids are so young, they don't care anyway we can start when they are older.."
"I don't finish anything I start, so I'm just going to fail at this too..."

God and I keep having this conversation. I can tell He wants me to go a different direction. I can tell He wants to direct my steps into His will not just in my own life but in us as a family too.

I can tell..I can feel His nudge, His guidance, His love all over this...

But my feet feel frozen, failure feels iminent.

But still, God is loving and I've been praying for wisdom and so if you're wondering exactly what following God looks like as a family I have a few tips..

1) Pray, when you feel God leading you in a new direction start praying for wisdom. For help to move in the path He wants for you.
2) Research, there are tons of resources out there, trust me I know, I think I've printed all of them out haha
3) Talk to your husband, make sure you have all the information, so you can talk to him and explain what God wants to do for your family.
4) Start. Pray with your husband right then and begin there. Then pray with your kids then every day pick a few minutes in the evening or morning and pray as a family and then read a few verses in the Bible and discuss them. My children are young but surely if God wants me to do this then He will open their hearts if I ask Him to.

I'm tired of growing in my personal relationship with God but as a unit my family is still where we were last year. If your husband is like mine and not at the point where he even cares yet it's ok, you can start and guide him. You never know, God might have put you in this relationship, this marriage because of this very thing. You're meant to help your husband and lead him into a deeper faith...(wow God, I never thought of it like that...)

So tell me, do you have family devotions every day? What are some resources you use? What is some encouragement you could give to a wife/mother that hasn't started yet but is feeling God wants her to start?

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  1. Oh Mandy, I LOVE this more than I can say! This touches my heart and is definitely something I am praying about. Thank you!


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