Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Worship Wednesday - Life is Not a Game of Hopscotch

Today for Worship Wednesday here at Woman to Woman, we are in week two of our study of, "The Air I Breath, Worship as a Way of Life", by Louie Giglio. This is a wonderful book, that looks at worship in a new light, I highly recommend it. Dr. Charles Stanley said,"Louie Giglio explores what God desires most in our worship with clarity and insight. Upon reading "The Air I Breath", you'll be both challenged and liberated to discover that true worship inescapably involves who you are-all the time."

~ Something More ~
Sometimes I feel like I am searching for that elusive thing that is just beyond my reach.....what about you?
Do ever have a feeling that there is something more to this life. This type of feeling happens to me when I drive off course and get side tracked by my own ideals, and miss my true destination.....a deep and meaningful relationship with God.
Society as a whole has always been searching. We see this ring true back to the days of the Apostle Paul as he is visiting the city of Athens, in Acts 17:22-28.
Upon arriving in Athens Paul finds the city to be full of idols, but one caught his attention over all the others. It was an altar that read,"to an unknown God". They had this altar "just in case" they were missing something more. Paul reminded them that there was more. The one and only true God that loved them more than they could imagine.
As society still searches today, God says, "I have been right here all along". I love this powerful line from Giglio,
"God is always seeking you. Every sunset. Every clear blue sky. Every ocean wave. The starry host of night. He blankets each new day with the invitation, "I am here."
God is alive and well. He is in the air we breath, the beautiful sunrise and with each gentle touch. He's not hiding from us. He wants us to know Him, and for us to build a relationship with Him.
"He wants you to know that your the object of His affection, created in His image, made by and for Him. He wants you to know that the unknown God has a name. He wants you to know that the incredible desire for worship rooted deep inside your heart was crafted for Him."
At times our walk in life is not an easy one. Things are not simple and easy like a game of hopscotch or the riding of a bike. Life is hard.
The thing is..... He wants to go on this journey with us. He sent his Son to make this possible. It's because of this that we can center our worship on what matters most...Him.
If you've strayed off the path with the "stuff" of life that can so easily weigh one down and become an idol that you can't life without.....let them go. He's waiting for you. He's holding out his hand waiting for you to come home to Him. He is the something more, the one you've wanted to worship, the one you have been searching for all along.

Many Blessings~


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  1. Beautiful! He is there in everything. His love and beauty surround us. Life is not easy, oh it is so not easy, but He is there!


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