Thursday, September 27, 2012

Morning Walks & Football

Good Morning!  What a great opportunity it is to take some time and count the blessings of God!!!  I pray that you join me in thanking God for those things with which He has blessed you.
Today I am thankful for...

411.  ... the opportunity to counsel a couple about to be married.

412.  ... a free Saturday to help my mama and daddy close their pool for the season.

413.  ... a small  intimate 'bachelorette party' dinner with friends.

414.  ... Sunday dinner and football with the family!

415.  ... morning walks with my daughter.

416.  ... the chance to visit a dear friend in the hospital.

417.  ... a wonderful conversation between friends.

418.  ... excitement over the upcoming Fall Festival at church.

419.  ... praying friends.

420.  ... FOOTBALL!!  I absolutely LOVE football!

So, what are YOU thankful for on this beautiful fall day?


  1. There are two things which I am thankful for. 1.) For the life the Lord gave me and 2.) for the Lord being in my life. Thank you for sharing all that you are thankful for, you have an amazing list.

    Blessings to you and love you so much.

  2. I love reading about people enjoying fall:) I enjoy it vicariously down here in Florida. I am thankful for a great babysitter and time to rest.


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