Thursday, June 7, 2012

God blesses and blesses and blesses some more!

Today I am taking another opportunity to count my blessings.  I pray that you are counting your blessings along with me!

I am thankful ...

236.  ... for the on-time, every time, voice of God.

237.  ... for the excitement in my grandson's eyes when he hears that we [Nana & B'bo] are coming to his baseball game.

238.  ... for a beautiful daughter [in-law...I hate that term, she is my daughter now] that dislikes the auto races as much as I do yet she comes anyway so I have someone to sit with.

239.  ... for my husband who loves matter what.

240.  ... for a grandson that goes to our shop to work his B'bo during the work day.

241.  ... for a grandson that wants desperately to help work at the shop but is just a bit too young to go when Nana can't be there to keep track of him.  He has a genuine heart and desire to help.  He will be a huge asset when he is just a little older!  *smiles*

242.  ... that my children know they can call on mom & dad anytime they need help with something.  They know we are always ready to help.

243.  ... that I can see God working on my attitude..,.I can see my 'grumpy' attitude about the races becoming a little less grumpy.  I also noticed yesterday when my son suggested a place to have lunch, I didn't grumble.  I just agreed and enjoyed the time with some of my kids!

244.  ... for Summer T-Ball with my grandson!

245.  ... that God never stops working on me!  I love seeing changes that He is making in me!

I hope that you are counting your blessings along with us!  Comment here or on FaceBook or Twitter with some of your blessings!

Have a great day!

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  1. Great list. I am thankful for my grandparents having a pool and welcoming us to spend our summer swimming. :)


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