Saturday, June 23, 2012

Chats with Claire

Today we have a very special treat for you!  Today's Chats with W2W is from our sweet farmer's wife Claire!  Claire is one of our fabulous magazine writers.  If you want to check her out, click HERE and purchase the Summer issue of the Woman to Woman Magazine.  Grab your sweet tea and come chat with Claire about your grocery list!


  1. Unfortunately we don't go grocery shopping on a regular basis. Our schedule right now does not permit eating at home very often. I can't wait till things calm down a bit so we CAN eat at home again! When we do go grocery shopping it is to the local 'Whole Foods Market.' About 90% of what we eat is organic. We feel so much better when we eat organic food.

    Anyway, always on our list is organic orange juice and organic apples. Those are the two biggest items.

    Have a great day!

  2. Love your video Claire! :)

    My family is BIG on ranch dressing. We get the BIG economy size bottle and that is one item we absolutely can NOT run out of. The bottle gets half empty and everyone is hounding me to get another. Hubby and the kids eat ranch on EVERYTHING. Not kidding.

    Our list always has milk, but I only buy 2% but the kids love milk so we always have milk. We always have chips and salsa because my husband love chips and salsa. Ice cream is a must for me. :) And fruit. The guinea pigs and kids and I love fruit and eat a lot of it.

  3. We buy about 4 gallons of milk every week (2%). We usually have bananas and yogurt. Frozen pizzas. Fish sticks. fries. mac and cheese, potatoes, popcorn (love it!), snacks for the girls. muffins for breakfast. cereal. And whatever else we want. I don't go shopping just once a week. I go whenever we need it, and I don't buy meat all at one time because we won't eat it.

    Great video :)

  4. Debi- I wish we had a Whole foods!!

    Ranch! LOL- we are the same. I tried to switch the kids over to a ranch made with yogurt but they wouldnt have it. Kraft it is. :) We LOVE fruit too!!

    Kelly, sounds like my husband would love to eat at your house! Frozen pizza, fries and mac n cheese are his favs! Ive been depriving him though since I am trying to lose weight. His abnormal metabolism can handle those foods. I smell them and gain weight! Ugh.

    I LOVE food though and am always curious about what others eat. Food is awesome. Thanks for the chat ladies :) - claire


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