Thursday, May 3, 2012

A few more blessings for which I am thankful...

Today I am thankful...

171.  ... for the opportunity to share God's message in the main sanctuary at church.

172.  ... for God's everlasting love.

173.  ... for the new and exciting things that are headed our way.

174.  ... for the prayers of God's people.  I love knowing that there are people, some of which I don't even know, praying for me.

175.  ... for the love and support of my amazing parents.  I love that they go out of their way to support me no matter what it is I am doing.

176. ... for the way God puts people in place before they are needed so that when the they are needed they are already there.

177. ... for the excitement that arises as I prepare for the message this week in church.  I love how God 'gives' me the topic and then helps me to develop it into what He wants.

178.  ... to see [spiritual] growth in my children. 

179.  ... to see and hear the boldness with which my son prayed to open up the service this past Sunday!

180.  ... for the unconditional love and support of my amazing husband.  There is no other man in the universe that could love me the way he does.

What are you thankful for today?  What has God blessed you with that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is from God?

Have a Son-filled day!

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  1. Beautiful list. Today I am thankful for my son who is turning into a little man and mowed the lawn today for his dad.


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