Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Good morning!  I pray that you all had an amazing Resurrection Day!  What an amazing thing it is that God did for us that day!!!  On that note, we are continuing to count down our blessings for 2012. 

Today, I am thankful for ...
126.  ... what was accomplished on the Cross...atonement for our sins!

127.  ... the Word of God and all the promises within!

128.  ... a glorious day celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord with my family.

129.  ... springtime...I love seeing the new buds on trees, flowers poking through the grass and the beauutiful sounds of the birds singing!

130.  ... a friend & co-teacher that has an amazing creative side and can make the story come completely alive to the class...even to me!

131.  ... the kids in our class that do their Bible reading every week and are excited about it!

132.  ... music.  What a fantastic way to glorify God!

133.  ... pictures.  Perhaps that's silly, but as I sit writing this list I look up and see a couple of pictures on my wall.  These pictures are wonderful memories of a vacation with my husband and part of our family.  They cause me to 'remember' what we were doing at that time.

134.  ... memories.  People come into our life and they leave, either by death or some other means.  Our memories keep them close and alive...I am so very thankful for the memories I have of my grandparents...

135.  ... bottled water.  Without it, I would probably not drink as much water as I do.

136.  ... my eyesight.  What a blessing to be able to see this beautiful creation God has given us.

137.  ... my hearing.  While some say my hearing is selective (*smiles*), I am thankful that I can hear the voices of my hubby and my kids and grandkids.

138.  ... my ability to taste.  God has created so many wonderful foods and it is so awesome to be able to taste them.

139.  ... my ability to feel the things I touch.  There is something so pleasant about laying my hand on my husband's arm and feeling the strength he has.  There is something so amazing about putting my arms around my grandchildren and feeling their little bodies melt into Nana.

140.  ... the ability to smell.  Not all smells are pleasant but I am so thankful that I am able to smell ALL smells.  My beautiful little mama has no sense of smell and she would love to be able to smell again...even all the not so pleasant smells.

Well, I think that will do it for today.  I pray that you are counting down your list along with me.  I would love to hear some of your list.  Have a grand day ... and get out and get a little Son-shine today!


  1. Sissy, you have a great list. There are so, oh so many things to be thankful for. God blesses us and just keeps on blessing us with so many things. Thanks for sharing your list with us today.

    Blessings to you and love you.

  2. Beautiful list! Today I will praise God for the banging of drums from kids continuing on in their lessons.

  3. nice post thanks for sharing...looking for to visit more...blessings


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