Friday, March 30, 2012

Don't forget to have fun!

I don't know about you but sometimes it's so easy for me to get caught up in the dishwasher loading, laundry folding, nose wiping chores and forget all about having fun. God has really been doing with me on this. Every day is a gift, it's more than chores it's about laughter and love and fun too...I've been praying about this and I'm going to start making a goal to do one spontaneous thing each day...One is a big number for me, I think I've gotten used to living in a box *smiles* but we'll work our way up.

Today after nap we will go to the park...I hate going to the park, I can just picture all sorts of germs swarming all that equipment but my kids love going so I'll just find some hand sanitizer and we'll be good to go.

There's tons of things to do though, you could open a playdough bakery, get out all those old dresses and jewelry that you never wear and let the kids play dress-up. Before taking those dirty sheets to the washer let your kids build a tent in the living room or even out in the yard. If it's warm where you are like it is here let the kids have a water balloon fight...

Make a goal to do one out of the box thing a day and let your kids be kids...the dishes can wait. What will you do today?

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