Friday, January 6, 2012

The Power of Family Prayer

The Economy has hit a lot of people hard. Some people losing their jobs. Some people losing their homes. Some people losing money on the stock market. Whatever the issue I wonder if you have also been hit hard by this wobbly economy we have going right now?

Tuesday my husband got laid off. They said they didn't have enough work to keep him and he had to go. Instead of coming home to wallow in self pity he went right to work gathering applications and figuring out unemployment. When he told me I called a friend and her family prayed for us, she told another friend and his family prayed for us and then I told another friend and her family prayed for us. We had people all over lifting us up to God asking for Him to do something.

The very next day my husband had a job. He didn't have to do anything, God dropped it in his lap. It's making more than he was and it's a MUCH better work environment. My husbands new boss is a Pastor of a Church on weekends. If you want to read the whole story with details you can go here, here and here.

It's just amazing what God can do, when His people pray. So I just want to encourage you today whatever your family is facing whether it be job issues, home issues, health issues whatever the problem could be just keep praying. Remain faithful, don't give up. God sees you and He sees your family. He wants to tell you that He still has it all under control and He will take care of it.

Do you have family prayer time? We usually say a prayer with the kids before bed time but I have to admit our family prayer life has room for growth, which we're going to work on during this New Year. Tonight lift up someone you know that's having a rough time right now, lift them up with your family. Families are special to God and even He says where 2 or more are gathered in My Name, there I will be also. (Matthew 18:20)


  1. I love how God provided for you. He always provides for His children!

    We have a prayer together before bedtime every night. I cherish that time.

  2. Amazing! I am so glad tell this!

    Yes, we're praying together. And talking together about our feelings. yes, also before bedtime.

    Big hug.

  3. Love your recommendation to pray together as a family. Some of the sweetest times we have as a family are the six of us all piled up on the bed talking to God.

  4. That's so cool to see that I'm not the only God answers immediately! Last summer the bank took our house. (after 2 years of "negotiating") The new owner gave us only one week to find a new home and move. Sure we could have fought it and bought some more time. We just didn't have the strength. We prayed and as I went to bed in tears, God's voice quieted my spirit. "It's already taken care of. Wait and see." The very next day we found a house and we moved in a few days later. God is so good!


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