Monday, January 30, 2012

Marriage Monday

In the winter months we switch our living room and dining room around to put the living room closer to the fire place.  {Have I confused you yet, smiles}  When we made the switch back in November, we forgot to bring our beautiful plant into the living room with us.  After a few weeks the plant began to look droopy and sad.

So we brought the plant into the living room with us and within hours it perked back up and was beautiful!  Not only did it need water and sun, but it needed attention.  Just being in the room with us and hearing our voices helped the plant to flourish.

Like all living things, a marriage needs to flourish and grow and to do that, it needs attention.  Are you giving your marriage attention?

When was the last time you gave your husband a passionate kiss just because?

When was the last time you hugged him?

The last time you told him how much you appreciate and love him?

Or when was the last time you prayed about your marriage?

For your marriage to flourish, you need to give it attention.

What will you do today to help your marriage grow?

Be sure to check back Wednesday for an exciting announcement!

Sweet Blessings~

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