Monday, January 2, 2012

Marriage Monday -

Happy New Year dear ladies!  I am so glad to be back here after a two week break.  The break was needed, but I have missed y'all!  I pray that each of you had a beautiful, Christ-filled Christmas and a safe and wonderful New Year's celebration.  Now on to our Marriage Monday...

Have you ever said the following:

"I wish our house was newer/bigger/better like theirs."

"I wish I could go to the salon more often like she does."

"I wish I could wear name brand clothes like her."

"I wish we had the money to go on a nice getaway like they did."

Truth be told, we have all probably uttered something similar to this a time or two.  Ladies, I want you to look at these same sentences how your husband hears them:

"Our house is not good enough.  You need to provide me a better house."

"I wish I could go to the salon more often like she does, you need to make more money so I can."

"I wish I could wear name brand clothes like her, you need to work more hours like her husband so I can wear name brands."

'I wish we could go on a nice getaway like they did.  Why don't you make enough money for that?"

You may not be telling your husband that he is not working hard enough or not making enough money, but often times that is how he sees it.  Whether you are a stay at home mom or working to help with the income, your husband feels like the provider of the home and family.  And he should, this is part of their make up from God.

Our men hold a great responsibility on their shoulders.  When we make comments saying that we wished we had more or better things, it adds an even heavier load on them.  We may not mean anything bad by our comments at all.  And I am by no means telling you to never share your hopes and dreams with your husband.  What I am warning you against is making comments like this and never praising your husband for working hard.  Instead of saying, "I wish we had a bigger house like them," say "Honey, thank you for working so hard to provide us with this house."

Your homework for today is to praise your husband for working hard to provide for your family.  If your husband happens to be unemployed at this time, still praise him for what he does.  He still needs to know that you appreciate him even if he is not employed.

Sweet Blessings~

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  1. This is great encouragement, Jenifer. We may not mean to criticize our husbands when we make comments like these, but it can be perceived that way. We are all truly blessed and we need to be appreciative of what God has given us. And we should encourage our husbands by being appreciative of their hard work.


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