Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Making Room for Christmas

Do you want to know a secret?  I don't like to decorate for Christmas.  I don't get excited about the changing seasons and putting up different decorations.  I like order, and moving things around to accommodate new decorations brings disorder.  Every year deciding to get out the Christmas decorations is a struggle for me because I don't like the chaos.

I read a blog post yesterday that really spoke to my heart.  The author, Becky, was talking about this very thing ~ making room for Christmas.  She tied in making room in our homes for Christmas decorations with making room in hearts for Jesus so beautifully that I wanted to share her words with you.

So now it is Christmas and time to put up the decorations.  As I look around my living room I do not see an open space just waiting for the Christmas tree; instead I see a room already full to overflowing: where could I possibly fit in a tree?

So there is this time of evaluation; what can be moved out in order to make a place for Christmas? How can I rearrange what is present in this room so that the tree (and all the accompanying decor) will have a home? And after a plan is formulated then it is time to do the heavy lifting; to move the chair from one place to another, to clean out the things that have accumulated along the sides and corners, to see the entire space in a new light that is looking to make room for a celebration.

I live a small life and it is chock full of stuff. Ideals that have places and concepts that have not yet found a place to settle; tasks and responsibilities that pile up in corners and things that must be gotten to.

So now it's Christmas and time to pause and wonder and make room in my heart for the Savior but my mind is full to overflowing with tasks, and gift buying, and a million other distractions- where can I possibly fit in a peace filled heart of worship?

Now there is the need for evaluation.
  Followed by some heavy lifting.  An intentional rearranging and discarding to make space for adoration; to make a place for this One who is the reason for the season. I may be playing the music, singing the carols, and telling the story but is there a space that is ready and waiting for Him to fill? I'd love to see this and that under the tree but am I longing as greatly for Him? I've made time to go here and there but will I carve out space for Him?

Will I do what is necessary so that my response at His coming is not a regrettable
 "no room" but a joyous "come to my heart Lord Jesus for there is room in my heart for thee"?

What will your response be?

Thank you, Becky, for allowing me to share your beautiful words here.  Please stop by Thinking on These Things to let Becky know how much her words touched you.

Many blessings,


  1. Beautiful post. While I greatly love holidays and changing seasons, it is hard to make room for decorations and such. But making room in my heart for my Savior should always be my first priority! Great post.


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