Friday, December 9, 2011

Blessings in the Struggle

I've heard when things are rough to focus on the blessing. To start counting each blessing one by one, no matter what the struggle might be, to start counting, to start remembering, to start whispering thank You.

Today is one of those really bad days. I feel like a failure. She screams at her brother even as I'm trying to teach them kindness, to further their teaching of Ruth and Boaz from Wednesday night. He hits his sister even as I'm trying to teach them to love each other. They take each other's toys and then chase each other down out of sheer anger even as I'm trying to teach them that if they wanted something of Jesus He would give it to them...He gave them His life...even as the voice in my head whispers they won't understand...a failure. That's what I'm feeling right now while they are upstairs sleeping (or at least I hope they are sleeping) A failure, even as the worship music is playing and tears are streaming down my face. A I remember the times I had to put them in time-out, or spank them just this morning and it's only noon...even as I am reminded how many times I've told myself I want to teach them in LOVE NOT anger.

But then a still small voice whispers in my heart, you're not a failure...there is grace. I'm on your side...remember?

So I count my blessings...because I'm not a failure. God is on my side...and I do remember.

1) My daughter opening my bedroom door during my quiet time with God this morning just to give me a hug and say good morning.

2) My son running to give me a hug as I came down the stairs this morning.

3) A few quiet moments while they play as I fold clothes this morning.

4) The few moments where they were actually getting along.

5) Sitting down together to watch a movie with both of them by my side for a few minutes.

6) Hearing "I'm Sorry brother" from my daughter

7) My husband off work early today

8) Looking forward to family pizza and movie night tonight

It's still naptime, I'm going to keep my eyes fixed on God and look for His blessings this afternoon. My heart rests in God and I won't be overwhelmed, not anymore, because there is grace.

(My blessings, he is 2, she is 3)


  1. I so love how sweet Abbie has always called him brother. <3 Beautiful post.

  2. Children fight - and we teach them when to fight and when not to fight. Children want - and we teach them the difference between greed and need.
    Children misbehave - and we teach them the difference between Godly behavior and ungodly behavior.

    It's all about shaping, like the potter with the clay. Repetitious, hands-on, messy and sometimes very frustration.

    It is a process. You are not a failure. You are in the process of shaping behavior, beliefs, will to reflect God.

    You are not a failure. You are just in the beginning of the shaping!

    You are the craftsman. Be patient. Endure. It is a process, a journey, this shaping!

    Merry Christmas:):)

  3. Hi Mandy - seeing the thankfulness in the hard stuff is the challenge and its also where we find the most peace. Great post
    God bless

  4. Wow, this was so beautiful... Your genuineness, trusting God and us with your tears. Its inspiring.

    <3, Kendra

  5. Thank you kendra, and thank you everyone for your encouraging words it really helped :) things are much better today and were much better that night, just gotta keep trusting God and keep moving forward :)

  6. PS. I am passing on the Liebster Blog award to all four ladies at Woman to Woman. Thank you for your love and obedience.


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