Monday, November 28, 2011

Marriage Monday

Growing up I loved the piano.  The sound of it, the look of it sitting there and watching someone play it.  I even had visions of my own home one day being decorating in black and white with pictures of pianos and music notes everywhere.  I truly had a love for the piano.  When I was eleven, my parents bought a piano for our home and I began to take lessons.  I was so excited!  Soon I began to learn how to read music, play scales, and finally learned to actually play songs.

Playing the piano takes a lot of practice.

Once I married and had a baby, I was learning to balance a home and family and I no longer had time to practice the piano.  I no longer put an effort into this beautiful art.  Because I was not putting myself into the piano, I lost the gift.  I have forgotten how to play.  I often will sit down at my piano and hope that everything I learned comes rushing back and I will once again be able to play without all of the hard work.  But that is not how it works.  To play, you must practice often.  You must work hard at it.  Give it time and effort.

I have heard it said that anything worth anything takes hard work.

Are you giving your marriage effort?

Marriage doesn't end at the alter or after the honeymoon.  We have to continue to work at it.  We have to continue to give it effort.

Are you putting all you can into your marriage?  It may be time to evaluate your effort.

Sweet Blessings~




  1. Amen! I have said it so often...when God gives us a gift, He intends for us to use it for Him. When we fail to do so, we lose that gift. The only way to get it back is to 'work' very hard at it. I, like you, love the piano...and have always dreamed of playing it well. And, like you, after the lessons for you kids and myself ended...the piano just sat still sits there commanding a presence in the room, just waiting to be played. I have often sat down to play, but as you said, the gift is gone.

    Thankfully, the gift of my marriage is not something that I quit working at after the 'I do's.' It's not a 50-50 deal...each one must give 100% of themselves to make a marriage successful!

    Great post!

  2. Such great encouragement, as usual! marriage does take hard work, and a lot of effort, but it's so worth it!

  3. Amen, it requires work, but work well worth it! Thanks for this encouragement :)

  4. I made it back. I love this notion also about marriage being a gift. I never looked at it that way. I knew it was work and that both parties had to put their 100%, but marriage a gift? I always thought that's what people just did. Thank you for this new understanding.


  5. Marriage is definitely work! But it's worth the effort. Love this encouragement, Jenifer. :)

  6. My children are all in college and my husband and I are really practicing now. It is better to keep working at it so when it is just the two of you, it can be a time of celebrating time alone again rather than having nothing in common.


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