Friday, November 11, 2011

It's all in the attitude

Right now, as I'm typing this my son is in the kitchen yelling at my husband and my daughter is trying to eat my computer jumping up and down having a fit...they both want breakfast but since the time they woke up they have been testing. Testing my husband in his patience, and testing me to see what I would do when they test their daddy.

You see he's off today, it's Veteran's Day and it's a holiday for him. They aren't used to having him home for an entire day so they want to test the waters in every way they can.

Everytime he has off for a Holiday they get like this. Tears, tempertantrums and really bad attitudes all day. Which usually causes my husband and I to fly off the deepend and get caught up in their temper tantrums.

Today I'm really trying to stay calm though. I've told my husband that he should try to stay calm too.

"Just because they have an attitude today doesn't mean we have to, we shouldn't let their attitude affect ours."

So today, in the midst of their temper tantrum I have set them down, and we're going to have a Thankfulness session. They are young but they can still tell me what they are thankful for and then we're going to pray, pray that this attitude would go away and we would have a peaceful fun family day.

I don't want their bad attitude to affect my good attitude. I'm an adult, I don't need to act like a child with my own temper tantrum to get their attention.

How do you calm the attitude in your children? If you've woken up with a good attitude in the morning do you let your children affect you?

Let me give you a tip today when things start getting stressful, Pause, Look, Pray

Pause - when a battle comes, stop, instead of immediatley reacting, stop for a moment.

Look - Look to see where the battle is coming from, ask God to open your eyes and give you wisdom in what to do about the situation. Remember always, we do not fight against flesh and blood, our battle is with things unseen..

Pray - Pray for guidance, pray with your family, don't let someone else's attitude steal your joy because you have Joy in the Lord.

I'm going to focus on this today in the midst of the chaos of my house.

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  1. Great points Mandy. When the kids' moods are not great, I cannot let them effect me, but we can turn it around. Thanks for this encouragement.

  2. These are great suggestions, Mandy. Pause, look, and pray - great advice for all times.

  3. Thanks for this blog and special voor this: Pause, look en pray. ( im my language: pauze, kijk en bid)


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