Monday, October 31, 2011

Marriage Monday - What Are You Wearing?

Girls, today we are going to get personal.  Yep, I'm getting 'all up in your business' as the saying goes.  It is autumn, which I love, and winter is right around the corner, which I hate.  Basically, it's cold.  Here in the Midwest our days have been beautiful but nights and early mornings are down right cold.

On cold nights, there is nothing better than slipping into a pair of flannel pajamas and warm fuzzy socks.  Maybe even a big fuzzy robe to go with it.

If your guy is like mine, he says, "I just want you to be warm and comfortable."  Ladies, a little secret, that is guy code for, "I really do love you and really do want you to be warm and comfortable, but could you please switch it up for me from time to time?  Please?"

There is nothing wrong with being warm and we do want to stay covered and modest with the kiddos around.  But what about dressing special for you husband when you are alone?

So how can we give our man something to look at but stay warm and covered in front of the kids?

Don't throw out your flannels yet!  Try this: wear something for your guy under your flannels.  Then when the kids are in bed and it is just the two of you, slip off the flannels to reveal something just for him.  (It is even better if you can convince your guy to go to the bedroom to watch tv, read or play games, that way you are in the privacy of your room in case a kiddo decides to get up.)

Now I am not necessarily telling you to reveal all of Victoria's secrets, but you can wear a silk or lacy cami and matching panties under warm flannels.  And to stay warm, snuggle up close to your husband.  He will love that you are close and wearing very little.

I can hear you now.  I can't dress that way because I am too big or I'll dress like that after I lose another twenty pounds or my body is just not pretty. Girls, hear me out.  Your man loves your body.  It doesn't matter if you are a size two or a size twenty.  Your man loves you.  To him, you are sexy.  To him, you are beautiful.  Please never let feelings of insecurity get in the way.  Your man loves you just the way you are.  Where you see an overweight, tired mom, he sees one hot mama!

If you don't have anything to wear under your flannels, you don't have to spend a small fortune at some department store.  Places like Walmart, Kmart and Target have pretty camis and matching panties that won't break the bank.  You can buy one set a week for the next few weeks and build up your "for him only" drawer.  This is considered a wise investment.

So to sum up ladies.  Dress warm and modest.  Then when the kids are safely tucked into bed, ask your hubby if he wouldn't mind watching tv in the bedroom tonight.  Then slip off the flannels to reveal something special for him and slip into the covers to snuggle while you relax.  He will be pleased and you will have done something special just for him.

This winter, don't cover completely up.  Give your husband something special to look at.  Remember he loves you.

Sweet Blessings~

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this post. I agree 100% with everything you said. It's taken me many years to get to this point but thank God I am finally here. My husband has always told me I am beautiful...and I have never believed him...well, not in the past 31 years. I gained so much weight after having you, Jenifer (*smiles), that I never felt sexy or pretty. Yet, he never stopped thinking or telling me I was beautiful. There is a song by country singer Trace Adkins called "Hot Mama." It was that song that finally made me hubby sees me like I was not like I see me.

    I love to put on something nice for him because he likes it. Thank you for this post today. It is right on the money!

  2. Jenifer, I know my hubby would completely "Amen!" your post, but I want to be comfortable. ;) I do believe that you are right on track and I will try to think of someone other than just me. Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. Hi Jenifer - me rolling my eyes, I will not be showing my hubby this, he will be grinning ear to ear. Well, its getting to be summer here so no excuses, sigh!!! Only kidding! Great post
    God bless
    (ps: you wont believe the verification word - lingr)

  4. Lisa, yes I think the guys would "amen" this one. ;)

    Tracy, roll your eyes all you want sweet friend! ;) How funny is it that your word verification was a match to this post! :)

  5. Practical but creative answer--no need to chose between sexy and warm!

  6. Jenifer, I love this bold post :) So funny this is something my husband and I have been discussing lately... all my lingerie has been doing a great job of collecting dust! Love the idea of putting it on under the comfy jammies. Thank you, great encouragement as always :)

  7. Jenifer I just loved your post. This is so true. My hubby will surely love your post. In chilling winters wearing sexy lingerie under the flannel pajamas sound so awesome. I am surely going to that. After reading your post I ordered myself some warm pajamas and sexy chemises from I just loved their collection.


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