Monday, October 24, 2011

Marriage Monday - Different But In Agreement

I hate the tv.  He loves tv.

I love to read.  He hates to read.

I love to sit still in nature.  He is adhd and cannot sit still.

I love sweets.  He loves meat.

My husband and I are so very different.  We are night and day really.  Sometimes I wish he would hate tv and love to read my {Christian} romance novels with me or that he could sit still and watch nature with me.  But that isn't him.  It is me. It is okay to be different.  Actually it is good to be different. 

But when it comes to marriage, there are a few things that we need to be in full agreement on:

  • Marriage is for life.  Divorce is not an option, therefore the word divorce should never even come up.  (This does not apply if you are being abused in any way.  Or if one party has been unfaithful, though God can heal this situation.  In these cases, please email me at for prayer and help.)
  • Honesty is the best policy.  You will always be completely honest with your spouse.
  • Your marriage is a top priority and you will treat it as such.
  • You will respect each other and never put the other down, especially in front of the kids.
  • Choose Who you will serve (Joshua 24:15) and make God the center of your home.
  • Always calmly discuss big issues, such as: disciple for the kids, finances, where to live and worship, and other large issues.

These are six things that you and your husband need to be in agreement on.  If any of these are grey areas for the two of you, first spend some time in prayer that God would guide you, then in love sit down and discuss them with your husband.  It is good to be different, but when it comes to these areas, we need to be on the same page.

If you are struggling with these things, or any other issues, please feel free to email me for prayer or help.  You can reach me at or you can reach the entire W2W team at  I would love to help you.

Sweet Blessings~

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  1. Great encouragement, Jenifer! It's ok to be different, but there are some things we must agree on.

  2. Hi Jenifer - great post. I love your first point. Marriage is forever. I think many people marry today thinking if it doesn't work they'll just move on. Its too easy. And the last point, after 24 yrs of marriage, the whole discuss things calmly is still a huge challenge for me :)
    God bless
    ps: your marriage monday is a huge blessing and I'm sure you touch many lives here

  3. Great list and very important to discuss with your man!

  4. I am in complete agreement with you on every one. Great encouragement, thanks Jenifer!

  5. The "D word" was agreed upon to never be in our vocabulary!

  6. As a formerly severely abused wife for 25 years, I am so pleased that you mentioned that exception... So many people sweep domestic violence under the mat and try to avoid mentioning it. Thank you for acknowledging a very real problem in some marriages- even Christian ones. Blessings!


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