Friday, October 7, 2011


The Stranger in my Living Room came into our house by routine.  He wasn’t ever invited, but he just seemed to always be there.  It was a way of life – I was used to it.  I didn’t really like him or trust him, but I was afraid to kick him out.  I was so used to him being there, and everyone else had a Stranger in their Living Room – and their Kitchen, their child’s bedroom, rec room, and so on.  Sometimes, he’d keep me company when  I was lonely, and I’d giggle at some of the things he’d say.  He gave me something to do when I was bored.But there was a dark side to the Stranger.  The Stranger showed my family violence; angry murders, terrible crimes.  He screamed profanities often and displayed lust, sexual situations, and glorified and perpetuated greed and materialism.  The Stranger desired to tell our children they’re not good enough and manipulate them into buying more ‘stuff’ to measure up.  The Stranger mostly supported anti-Christ, anti-moral messages that sank way down deep in the fabric of culture.  He sucked my time and energy, shut down my brain, and suggested how I live my life – all while I sit idly by, staring, unable to pull my eyes from him.  Yet, there he sat. You guessed it, the stranger is the TV.

The Better Mom posted this on her blog a few weeks ago and it really really tugged at my heart and convicted me. I started paying closer attention to what my family was watching, I started listening to the words in our regular tv shows, I started hearing just how many times God was talked about in a single show and just how much horrible things the characters talked about Him.

Wow was I in for a shock. My family and I watch a lot of TV. I let the kids watch a few educational cartoons in the morning and then after dinner we all gather in the living room to watch tv while the kids play. One night God really hit me full force with the truth of what we were watching...

My husband loves CSI, I have found some of the shows interesting but for the most part the investigation stuff is boring but on this particular night I felt God nudge me to put my book down and pay attention. The show was about a family that had been murdered by 3 people because each person had a grudge against one of the family members...a child was killed, a grandmother in a wheelchair and the parents all gunned down because of lust and money.

Watching this show felt like I had been punched in the stomach, I got MAD. How dare we let this in our house. I pray for peace every morning, less anger, patience love and help with my family and here we are letting this stuff be played into our house! There was apsolutley no way this show brought glory to God, there was no way it helped us think of anything positive and praise worthy, my husband even made the comment that he'd have to watch a happy show after that before he went to bed...

Today I want you to think about the shows you and your family watch, think really hard then measure them up to are a few popular shows that we've watched that I've held up to the Light of God.

1) Grey's Anatomy - I LOVED this show, I don't know why now because all it is, is drama, lust and gossip. The doctors save people's lives but they gossip over their patients and they are so worried about their lives that they let people almost die on numerous occasions.

2) Dancing with the Stars - While on the outside this show looks fun and exciting with all the stars dancing but the outfits are so racy some times I find myself wanting to reach over and cover my children's eyes or my husbands eyes.

3) CSI, NCIS - There are several of these shows on during the week, all different versions but all the same as well, they all have to do with murder, lust, greed and a grocery list of other self glorifying story lines.

We have not gotten rid of our tv's (we have 2) but we have drastically cut down on the amount we watch, and the types of shows we watch. Now we have our radio playing non stop on a Christian Station and when we do watch tv it's really just for the weather or cartoon movies. Sometimes it's hard not watching tv other days not so much. The tv is a distraction, the shows played on there now gives a distorted view of what family should be and it allows fear and murder and self gratification into your home. If you are praying for peace in your home how are you bringing peace into your home?

Jesus took drastic measures to save you, what drastic choices have you made to serve Him? Cutting down on the tv usage is just one way we as a family have chosen to serve Him.

How much tv do you and your family watch in a 24 hour period? Here are some alternatives we have come up with instead of turning to the tv for our entertainment.

1) Go outside! The weather is beautiful in the evenings right now, get outside with the family, play tag, go to the park, play ball anything outdoors.

2) Play video games, the Wii, Playstation we even have a V-smile which is a video game for preschoolers

3) Read Bible Stories, a family devotional or other story books with your kids.

4) Board Games, Card Games, Dice Games! This is a cheap, fun way to get your family talking and involved

What are some ways you can add to this list to get your family away from the tv and interacting as a family again?


  1. I used to absolutely love Dancing with the Stars. Could not miss it, ever. I got other people hooked on it and my kids watched with me. After having a discussion with my daughter about appropriate dress I went to watch DWTS and God spoke to me. How can I teach her one thing and watch something else? I haven't watched since. I also loved King of Queens. Funny show! But God showed me how wrong it was to watch that. As much as I laughed, the attitude of the characters is not what I want in my home. That is not how I should treat my husband so I shouldn't be watching it.

    After about a month of God convicting me of 75% of what I watched, I gave up tv. I really still don't watch much. I do love older shows like Waltons or I Love Lucy and I still watch those. But I realized there is so much more to do than tv.

    I love your suggestions for family time instead of tv. The past couple of weeks we have been having Wii bowling competitions after dinner. Fun times!

  2. Hmmm much to think on over coffee. I too LOVE CSI,NCIS, and the many other crime scene shows. I really enjoy ferinsic stuff discovering the cause of death all that, but recently I have seen just how many times God's name was used in ways He said not to use it, and I have felt my heart skip a beat as that inner voice speaks to me.

    Thanks for pointing this out, I will be going to God and asking for direction myself.

  3. Hi Mandy - I love the sentence "Jesus took drastic measures to save you, what drastic choices have you made to serve Him?" I have cut back a lot on those shows that I have enjoyed and after a while you don't miss them, but I have to say, there isn't much else to watch after that. Summer is moving in on us here so time to be outside instead of glued to the goggle box!
    Great post, lots to think about
    God bless

  4. We were recently convicted on the same thing. The shows we watch may make us laugh, but are they glorifying to God? No! And I love those crime dramas too, but they are so dark and leave me feeling heavy and sad. That's not the kind of thing I need to feed my soul. Great encouragement to be careful little eyes what you see.


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