Friday, September 9, 2011

Sometimes I...

Today we're going to play a little game. We're all girlfriends here. This is a safe space where we can take our shoes off grab a glass of sweet tea and share our inner most thoughts right? So lets share our most secret mommy confessions. Anything goes, no judgement just good fun, something to make us moms feel good about sometimes really not feeling like being a mom. I'll go first...

Sometimes I...let my kids watch Dora the Explorer all day while I doze on the couch, from not sleeping good the night before.

Sometimes I...let my kids stay in their pj's all day when I know we're not going anywhere and we're not having any visitors.

Sometimes I...let the dishes pile in the sink and spill over to the stove and the table before finally reluctantly loading the dishwasher. Ok this happens often, especially when I know we're not having any visitors for a while lol.

Sometimes I...let the laundry go unfolded and in the baskets all week until Saturday evening when I'm tired of looking at them and realize the next day is Sunday and we still haven't done any laundry from the week.

Sometimes 2 or 3 bowls of ice cream at night after having a bad day with the kids.

Sometimes I...think about tying my daughter to her bed with fishing twine so she won't sleep on her floor at night and at naptimes. I really do wish that child would sleep in her bed, I feel she would be so much more pleasant to live with if she got a good night sleep.

Sometimes I...wish I could go back to the time I was 20 and tell that girl to wait a while before she rushes into being a mom, to enjoy her marriage for a while longer.

Sometimes I...look at my children and hope and pray and plead with God to protect them against my selfish sinful heart.

Sometimes I...put my kids in their rooms if they're being really bad at 4 and leave them in there until 4:45 when their daddy gets home.

Sometimes I...let my kids eat cookies for breakfast because I really don't feel like fixing breakfast.

Sometimes I...really don't like being a mom.

Sometimes I...ignore my kids because I'm tired of them hanging on me all the time.

What about YOU, what's your deepest secret mommy confessions? Share with us here or on facebook.


  1. Mandy, when my kids were younger I did many of these same things. I can confess that sometimes I don't feed my children (age 13 & 19). There is food in the freezer or pantry for them to eat, but I don't make a meal for them. Thanks for sharing honestly with us. I know it will be a blessing to others.

  2. I understand you. We all have such thoughts, so its very recognizable. I am sometimes very grumpy when I am tired. And I 'am so angry when my ( younger)children go to the toilet for a fourth time. They have to sleep because I want read my book.

  3. Raise your hand if all of these apply. *My hand shoots in the air first!*

    Sometimes I...keep my really young children up really late in hopes they will sleep in really late! Never seems to work for me though!

    Sometimes I...let my little ones eat cheetos for a meal, because it's not worth the fuss!

    This list could go on forever!

  4. I have my hand high in the air too :)

    Sometimes I... give my 3rd child whatever she's fussing over just to keep the peace.

    Sometimes I... wish I dropped them off at school instead of homeschooling them.

    Yes... the list does go on :)

    Thank you Mandy, for your open and precious heart! Blessings!

  5. I remember those days! Although my kids are college age... I remember pulling them in a wagon to Little Ceasars and getting Crazy Bread and calling that lunch. Haha. I remember having cereal for dinner and thinking to myself.... "If it's good enough for breakfast, it's good enough for dinner, too." Being a mom is hard. Enjoy those little escapes. It keeps us sane. God bless you!

  6. Sometimes I serve cereal for dinner...not even the healthy kind.

  7. Hi Mandy - I so don't want to open this can of worms because 'sometimes' I wonder where I went wrong and what I could have done differently. Thank God for His mercy and grace to repair any damage I did being a mom who could not always deal right with my girls because of my own hang-ups.
    God bless and great post

  8. It's hard to do but we need to take the sour out for some sweet name I know! Jesus


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