Friday, September 30, 2011

Family Friday - Monkey See, Monkey Do

You've probably heard a million times, 'watch what you do your kids are watching you.' You've probably even said that a million times. There's even a song "O be careful little eyes."

Today I want to put it in a different perspective for you. Let's talk about your faith. About your walk with God. I have a few questions for you to think about...

1) How often do you think about, and mention God's name in your day?

2) How often do you share with your family, tell your kids what God is doing in your life.

3) Are you very vocal about what God showed you during the day, whether in His word or out in the world or do you keep it to yourself?

We have been given such a huge gift. The gift of faith and we not only have the opportunity but we have the responsibility to share that gift with our family.

I used to share what God was doing in my life all the time. I wanted to tell anyone who would listen to me. After a while though I stopped talking. I didn't even realize it until the Holy Spirit convicted me!

Our family's need to hear what we've been learning. God is big on family, chances are what He's speaking to you about is also meant for your family.

I've been reading Sally Clarkson's "The Ministry of Motherhood". This book is so so good and so convicting!

Sally says "The Word of God gives our children (family) the basis for their faith, a proper world view, the wisdom and advice for all they will encounter. At the same time it gives us the direction and instruction we need to be good wives, mothers."

Are you, as a family, in the Word daily?

We need to make God's Word a natural part of our family life. Our children and family need to see us in the Word. They need to hear about what God is teaching us.

Monkey see, monkey do. When they see us spending time with God and when they understand what that means do you know they will want the same thing. They will want to learn more. They will want what you have!

Is your spouse an unbeliever, maybe you turned to God and they didn't, talk about your faith! Share with them what's happening in you. Don't stay silent! Your greatest most important ministry is your family.

You've been given a gift, share that gift with the people you love. They won't know or understand until you stand up and show them.

Here's just a few ways to get your family involved...

1) Read the Bible as a family (dinner times are great for this).

2) Memorize a verse a week as a family, make it a competition.

3) Act out Bible stories with the kids.

4) Let them see the difference in you.

It's time to be brave and take your family away from the worlds view and show them Gods way.

For the next couple of weeks I will be discussing this very thing. The world has a very distorted view of family and there's distraction everywhere we turn to keep us from what God want a family to be. Please join me in releasing the world's view and turning back to God's view of family next week on Friday.

Tonight instead of turning to the tv after dinner, turn to God as a family.

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  1. This is great encouragement Mandy. Our children need to see us praying and in the Word. We need to also pray with them and read the Word with them.


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