Thursday, September 1, 2011

Did I pack my Bible...

Sunscreen...check; Swimsuit...check; hat...check; clothes...check; camera...check; Hotel reservations made...check; Bible...uh, ...

Ok, it's vacation time.  We make our checklists...mental or physical...and begin to check off what we need to take along with us.  I don't think there is a being alive that enjoys taking a vacation more than I do.  It is one of my most favorite times of year...especially if any or all of my kids/grandkids get to go along.  Our favorite vacation spot is Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  We've been going there every year (except one, in 2006, when we went to Colorado) since 1995.  It started with us and our 4 kids and has evolved into us and any of the 4 kids & their spouses & their kids. 

As part of our parenting, we teach our kids that God is everywhere, sees everything, and never leaves us.  And then we take a vacation.  You know, that special time, hopefully once a year, where we get away from the humdrum life of work and bills...vacation.  A time to relax and enjoy each other again.  A time where all we have to do is think about fun and games.  Ahhh...there is nothing like a vacation. 

Most people will be gone for anywhere from a long weekend to two or three weeks.  (I wish I could have a 3-week vacation!)  This means being gone from church on a Sunday and possibly a mid-week service.  So, does that mean that we are 'gone' from God, too?  If I remember correctly, the Word of God tells us that He is with us always and never leaves us.  So, that sounds like God never takes a vacation from us. 

We teach our kids to read the Bible and pray every day and to go to church every week...but then we go on vacation and God is no more than a prayer in the car before we leave town.  We ask Him to protect us and thank Him for the time away.  In our heart we intend to read our Bible...after all, I did pack it, didn't I?  It's easy to say that we'll find a church out of town to visit.  But then when we actually get to our destination, we 'forget' and before we know it, it's Monday morning and no church. 

Perhaps this has never been you as you plan your vacation.  I am ashamed to has been me.  There have been times when I was successfull in 'keeping' God with us on vacation.  But to be honest, there have been just as many times when I failed.  I pray that as we leave for our vacation today God will be more than that prayer as we head out of town.  I've got my Bible, I've got my journal, I've got God.  Perhaps God will give me an opportunity to witness to someone on this trip.  I pray that I will remember that it is by the grace of God that I am able to take a vacation in the first place.  He has provided the job which provided the money for the vacation.  He provided the means by which we are able to travel for this vacation.  He provided the place to which we travel.  Hmmm...seems to me like if it weren't for God...I wouldn't be able to take a vacation in the first place. 

Here is my you and to MYSELF...don't leave God home when you go on vacation.  Remember that if it weren't for Him, there would be NO vacation.  If it's important to read my Bible and pray every home...then it's important to do so away from home.

I am so thankful that God has allowed us the opportunity to take some time off.  I am so thankful that He cares enough about us to give us time for R & R.  I don't know about you, but I want to be certain to thank God by NOT giving Him a vacation from me!

Have a blessed (vacation) day,


  1. Great encouragement, Debi! No matter where we are, God is always with us and worthy of our praise. Have a great time away!

  2. God never takes a vacation from us so how can we take a vacation from Him? I plan to pack my Bible and prayer journal right after my devotions tomorrow morning! :)

  3. Great encouragement Debi... Have a wonderful time!

  4. Have a great time! We are about 5 hours from Myrtle and have gone there almost every year I've been on this earth! Love it there ;)

  5. Such a great post! I always pack my Bible, especially in carry on to read during a flight! don't like reading hotel Bibles, it just doesnt feel the same ;)

  6. Vacation with God . . . I like that.



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