Thursday, August 18, 2011

Today, I am thankful for...

Good Morning!  I was sitting here this morning looking at FaceBook and some other blogs I follow and began pondering what I am thankful for.  I came upon a site that had a fitting answer to my thoughts.  MountainTop Blessings is where I found a refreshing word.  You may click that link to see the original article. 

The article is basically a list of things that the writer is thankful for today.  The list was pretty much everyday things that we...most people...well, I, probably take for granted.  So, following that writer's lead, I will make a list, for you, and for me...


Blue skies with little droplets of clouds

My husband, who always takes care of me
and washes my car when I drive through a 'bug tunnel'

Spending time with my grandkids

Jenifer, Kendil, Brian & Brooke
and the friendships we have as parent & grown children

Prayers answered

The anniversary/birthday dinner with my parents tonight

My desire to grow ever closer to my God

God's Word where comfort abounds

Peace from God in the midst of any storm

Strength when I am at my weakest

Electricity - a luxury that we all take for granted

The love that is shared between my family

Jesus...and all He did for little, ol' ME

My husband's off kelter sense of humor...
he thinks he is funny, even when he's not!  :-)

The prayers of faithful warriors on my behalf

Our military and the sacrifices they make

The unconditional love and support of my parents

And mostly,
I am thankful for a God that never leaves us or forsakes us!

There are so many other things that I can be, should be and am thankful for.  It becomes difficult to think of them when you sit down to write a list.  I don't think that I have ever attempted to make a list before.  I do think, however, that I will begin writing a short, 5-item list each day and see where that takes me.  I can only believe that it will enhance my prayer time. 

I hope that this list, or the list of the writer of MountainTop Blessings (that I listed earlier), has encouraged you to at least mentally make a list of things that you are thankful for. 

Have a thankful day,


  1. Great list!!! I am thankful for you too. ;)

    Today I want to be thankful for those things I take for granted, as you mentioned.

    1) My husband's declared tickle time each night, for me, not the kids. Though it drives me crazy and I hate being tickled, I know it is his way to make me laugh.
    2) Sweet tea to quench my thirst.
    3) My girls coming to ask me questions when they are reading the Word.
    4) My son waking up in a good mood today.
    5) My other son wanting to do something special for his sister/bff.
    6) The green grass, that seems to be very tall right now from the rain this week.
    7) Being able to go to my sink and turn on water and it comes out. I just read up on Compassion International and their work to get clean water to families in Africa.
    8) A cool crisp morning.
    9) Online Bible study with friends.
    10) Opportunity to vacation with family.

  2. Beautiful list, Sis! I didn't even think to add the vacation could I NOT be thankful for that...I love our family vacations and look forward to the time when ALL of us can do it and not just part of us! Love you!

  3. Both of your lists were so stinkin good!! Today I'm so thankful for
    1)peace in the midst of storms.
    2) 1 Mile walk with Jesus talking to me the whole way
    3) Not giving up when times are tough
    4) God's provision
    5) Being overwhelmed with God's love and grace
    6)A cool cup of clear water with my kids after a refreshing walk
    7) A new bloggy friend

  4. Great list, Debi! We (I) do take some many of God's blessings for granted. And I have no doubt that keeping a list everyday does change our hearts and prayers. Today I'm thankful for:
    1) Joy in the morning
    2) Friends who are excited about Jesus
    3) Watching the fog roll in
    4) Then watching the sun light up the sky
    5) Birds flying around outside my window

  5. Hi, Debi! I love your list of blessings. So many things we miss if we don't stop and notice, no? And here your blessings are: blessing a multitude! Thank you for sharing the gifts today!


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