Thursday, July 28, 2011


Welcome to another Thankful Thursday.  I am somewhat misty-eyed as I write this post.  See, my only son's birthday is coming up and the season has brought many wonderful memories of his childhood.  My poor son has 3 sisters and so he and his daddy were always out numbered.  All of this reminiscing got me to thinking about an anonymous quote that I found some time ago.

"When a boy or girl thrusts his small hand into yours, it may be smeared with chocolate ice cream, or grimy from petting a dog.  There may be a wart under the right thumb and a bandage around the little finger.

But the important thing about this hand is that it is the hand that some day may hold a Bible or a Colt Revolver; play a piano or spin a gambling wheel; gently dress a leper's wound or tremble wretchedly, uncontrolled by an alcoholic mind.  Right now, that hand is asks for help and guidance."
Author Unknown   

How blessed are we as parents to be entrusted with the very smallest of all God's children?  I cannot imagine giving charge of my son or any of my daughters to anyone.  Sure, I always trusted family to look after them, but to let a stranger take care...I'm not going to let a stranger have any sort of control over my babies.

Whoever wrote the quote above had an amazing insight.  How often has your child grabbed your hand or begged to be held and they were 'dirty' or 'sticky' and you really didn't want to hold their hand or pick them up?  I can say that this happened quite often to me.  I have been reminiscing a lot lately about the time when my kids were young.  I have often thought that I'd give anything to go back and have a do-over with my kids.  Now, I'm not saying that I made terrible mistakes and that my kids turned out to be monsters.  Quite the kids are very good kids.  They have all managed to stay out of trouble and none of them have been in trouble with the law.  Over all, I think that my hubby and I did a decent job of raising our kids.

But as I look back over their lives, desperately wanting to 'relive' each and every second of all of their lives, I think how easily it could have been so different.  It is only by the grace of God that my kids never got into trouble with the law or done something that was dangerous or detrimental to themselves or someone else.  I thank daily for His guidance for me as a parent and I thank  Him for His guidance and help for my kids.  Each of my kids are in church and all 4 are involved in ministry in the church.  No, they aren't angels.  No, they aren't perfect.  But they do serve God and they are decent, law abiding, normal young people.  My children are close to each other and to me and their dad.  We are a very close family.  That is only by the grace of God.  Oh, we fought like cats and dogs during the teen years.  As each one has grown and moved away from home to start their own life...they have grown closer.  There is nothing that warms this mama's heart like watching her adult children interact in an adult way with one another.

If you are a young parent...I urge you to slow down and take time to enjoy your kids now.  You will regret every moment that you let slip away...I promise you!  Guide your children with a gentle, loving hand and with the wisdom of God and the Holy Spirit.  Remember, our children are only on loan to us from their heavenly Father!  We must be mindful of the job we do with them.  How we raise them will directly influence their adult years.  Would you have your child hold a Bible or a revolver?  Play piano or spin a gambling wheel?  Dress the wounds of a leper or tremble horribly by an alcoholic mind?  It's your decision to make...will you guide and direct them or will you let them be led astray by every wind that blows?

Take a few moments and recommit yourself to do the job entrusted to you by God.  I promise you will not regret it if you do.

Have a very thankful Thursday and be blessed.


  1. What a wonderful post. Yes, God, you, and your hubby has done a great job raising your family and with God's help they will continue to be the families you wish for them. It isn't until you have a 'family' that you really know what 'family' means. Love you and your family with all of my heart. Blessings to each of you.

  2. Such a great post... I do not want to regret how I handle these precious years! It's hard to be patient and self-controlled all of the time, but with His guidance my guidance to them is much better! Love the quote, thank you for sharing it Debi :)

  3. Love that quote!!! It brought tears to my eyes. My kids are growing up so very fast and I keep wondering how did we get here? I want to cherish every moment with them. Great post.

  4. Thank you Debi for stopping by my blog hop and I loved your post! So so true! Our children grow up so fast and we need to enjoy every moment. Thank you for that beautiful reminder.


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