Monday, June 13, 2011

Marriage Monday

Today I want to talk about the bedroom.  In years past, mine and my husband's bedroom was the last room cleaned in my house.  Because of this, it was often left completely unattended.  When I would get up in the morning I would make the bed quickly and the dirty laundry was always collected.  So it wasn't a complete disaster, but it surely wasn't clean.  I may be alone here, but dirty, unorganized rooms make me feel chaotic and out of control.  So this is often how I went to bed at night.  This is the room I welcomed my husband in to.

One evening while laying in bed reading, I looked over on my nightstand and saw a very thick layer of dust on a picture of me and Jeremy.  I realized nothing else in the house was dusty and dirty as I had worked so hard to clean that day.  But by the time I came to my bedroom, I was just too tired to care.  That is not fair to my husband.

The master bedroom, the room you share with your husband, should be a very important room.  This is the room where you and your husband are intimate.  This is the room your husband comes to relax and unwind.  Where you come to relax and unwind.  This room should be taken well care of each day.  We, us and our husband, should walk into the master bedroom and feel calmed, relaxed and welcome.

Now I am not talking about going out and spending money or redecorating, though that is always fun!  (smiles)  I am simply talking about cleaning out the clutter.  Make the bed each day, empty the trash can, take the dirty laundry out, put shoes and clean laundry away then dust and vacuum.  Doing these things honestly only takes around half an hour if we keep up on it regularly.  And the time spent on it is so worth it.

Another thing about the bedroom is the kids.  We have kind of an unwritten rule in our home.  Our children know that our door is always open in the sense of we are here for them.  If they need us they can come to us at anytime. However, they also know that they are to knock on the door before entering and they are never to play in our room.  If my husband and I need to talk or just want to be alone, we should not have to kick the kids out or step over toys.  This is our special place.

I want to encourage you to take a good long look at your bedroom today.  Is this a place that your husband feels welcome and comfortable?  Is this a place that he can feel at peace to open up and talk to you?  Is there anything you need to clean out of the room so it feels more open and relaxing?  Make your master bedroom a wonderful and relaxing place to spend time with your husband.  

Sweet Blessings~


  1. Well, Jenifer, this was an affirmative post that I needed to read. Our bedroom is the last thing I pay attention to when I clean...but it needs to be a special place. Sigh. The thought crossed my mind again just yesterday. And now your post. Thanks I needed it.

  2. Wow...looks like my 'once a month...or three' cleaning of the bedroom is a big 'no-no!' I never thought of it the way you put it. I know it's our 'special' place, but making sure it is clean and clutter free never entered my mind. Thank you for this post. It truly hit home.

  3. Last night John and I decided to start deep cleaning our bedroom. We have clutter everywhere and 3 inches of dust on everything, the clutter was his so he got rid of that and I'm dusting today thanks for this great post the bedroom is supposed to be a retreat after a busy day, this is great.

  4. Why is the bedroom that last place we clean? I had never thought of this before, but it's so true. Our bedroom can be the catch all and I have to admit I don't in there very often. It is to be our sanctuary. Thanks for this great reminder.

  5. Thanks for this encouragement today. I never thought about the bedroom like that before. I can say that praise the Lord I did dust two days ago and it's amazing how nice things look without a thick dusty film over them!:) Making the bed...Yes, taking out the trash mission for today! Starting small!!

  6. I too need order to function, and since I'm taking on line classes I need space not only on my desk, but order in my bedroom to relax. When my hubby wants to go to bed there shouldn't be clutter on the bed, (I use the bed as a second desk). It should be a place of quiet relaxation for both of us. Gentle lighting, soft music non dusty area. There are times its the clutter collector ( and most of its MY CLUTTER) I should learn from my hubby to keep things simple. Thanks for the reminder.

    Debi 2 (lol)


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