Friday, May 27, 2011

I'm ruining my kids!

I didn't teach Abbie her ABC's yesterday. I didn't work with Shayne on his words (he's a little behind according to the State for a 2 year old). Infact we stayed in our pajama's and watched Dora the Explorer for most of the day. As a mom I ended up feeling like a failure when I realized we didn't really do a single educational thing the entire day.

I know this isn't really a big deal in the scheme of things. We had a lazy day. They are only 2 and 3 years old, so it won't ruin them. But just maybe, other mom's have felt like this too. You have a bad day and fly off the handle at one of your kids, you turn around to see the sadness on their face and instant guilt washes over you. Your kids don't know the whole Bible back and forth like little Sally Joe does and you think, I must be doing something wrong. Maybe little Billy knows all of his ABC's and all the colors of the rainbow and can spell them too but your kids are doing good just to pay attention for 5 minutes while you show them which color is yellow. Maybe your kids can't sit still for 2 minutes let alone a whole school session and you're always getting bad reports from Ms and Mr Teacher.

Let me give you a little peice of truth. You're not ruining your kids. Being a mom is hard work. I'm a mom of two toddlers, trust me there are times I want to throw in the towl and call it quits..too many times to count on both hands each day.

I read this article the other day about 6 amazing moms of the Bible. Of course Mary, Jesus' mother was one of them. Do you remember when she lost Jesus. He was at the temple "doing His Father's business." I wonder if she felt like a failure at losing Jesus for those hours that probably felt like years. Probably so. Truth is, she didn't lose Him, and she didn't fail as a mother, certainly not so we don't have to let fear of failure hold us down either. Keep pushing on and pushing forward mom. You're doing a great job! God sees the whole picture and you may be going through a season in your life where being a mom is especially rough, or things are really great. It's just a season and the God of the Universe sees the whole picture. We can have hope that it's all gonna be worth it, all the blood sweat and tears that we as mom's experience is gonna be worth it.


  1. It's good to remember that this is just a season and God sees the whole picture. Gotta keep looking up.

  2. Being a mom is tough work. But we are not alone. God is always just a prayer away. He offers us calm in the midst of all the storms. Great post!

  3. Thanks for this reminder Mandy... mine are 9,7 and 5 and oh yes, we have some lazy days that end in guilt for me! I just ask God to cover my mistakes... actually I beg Him and then we move on :) Blessings!

  4. This is so encouraging! I am my own worst enemy and often beat myself up because my child isn't as Biblically aware as other kids. It's hard not to compare. Thank God for grace. Every day is a chance to make improvements. We serve an awesome God.


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