Monday, May 16, 2011

GO Hubby!

Were you a cheerleader in high school?  I was not, however I am a cheerleader now!  That's right!  This thirty-something, mom of four is a cheerleader!

I am my husband's cheerleader!

What is the purpose of a cheerleader?  To lift up, encourage, and excite the team and spectators.  That is what we need to do for our husbands.  Lift up, encourage and excite him. 

My husband works many hours and works hard.  If I do not acknowledge his effort or if I complain about his working long hours, then I am discouraging him.  He will begin to think the hard work is not worth it.

Have you ever had a new hair do or dressed up nice for your husband and he didn't notice?  You probably thought it was a waste of time and effort.  Our men need that encouragement too.

Ladies, we are our husband's personal cheerleader.  Every chance you can, encourage your husband.  Show him how much you appreciate and love him.  Today I challenge you to think of five new ways to cheer your husband on this week.  So get those lovely voices and pom-poms ready girls and shout "Go Hubby!" 

Ready? Ok!   

Sweet Blessings~


  1. Great challenge! I definitely need to do more of this :)

  2. I certainly enjoyed your post. Even after he is retired he needs encouragement. I had never really looked at it in this manner but we all would love to have encouragement. Thanks for reminding me and blessings to you, Jenifer.

  3. I have prayed this before - that I would be my husbands biggest cheerleader. I want my words to lift him up, not tear him down.

  4. I have been known to complain a lot to my hubby but I need to cheer him on not be a hindrance to him! Thanks for this great post!

  5. You are so cute Jenifer! We are indeed their #1 cheerleaders and it's a tough job sometimes, but such an important one. I know my husband thrives on the confidence that my encouragement gives him. If he thinks I don't believe in him he begins to doubt himself too. I've seen it happen... we are vital to our husbands ability to continue on working as hard as they do. I've been reading the book "weird" and he talks about this very thing. He says to find a way to encourage your husband everyday. When we were dating I used to leave him a note on his car or at his desk on most days and it would say "Today, I love you because___________" and I'd fill in the blank with something different each time. He saved them all... my type A husband is a softy too :) It took a little effort to leave those notes in different places for him then and now I'm not as flexible with the kids... but I've got email :) I think I'll start that back up a gain!

  6. My hubby has been especially kind to me this week as I've dealt with my Grandmothers illness. I definitely feel some Go hubby moments coming on!

  7. I had not thought of being my husband's cheerleader. So simple and so true. We have the ability to bring them up or tear them down. Thank you for the encouraging words.

    Following from Women Living Well. I am stopping by the other blogs too.



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