Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Too Much

How hectic is your life right now?  I've heard people say they were so busy they didn't even have time to eat, or too busy to even think straight.  Is your life like that?

Most days I am not too busy with things to do.  Besides home schooling and cleaning/laundry, there's not too much on my plate day-to-day.  I'm not too busy physically, but I can be too busy mentally.  Too consumed by all the thoughts in my head.  Can you relate?  God is gently speaking to me about this.  I've realized I'm still too wrapped up in me. 

When it's all about me, then I find that I'm:

Too worried to pray
Too busy to pray
Too scared to pray
Too tired to pray
Too relaxed to pray
Too happy to pray

But then a though occurred to me.   Isn't God too big not to pray? 

Too many times we are too focused on having too much.  But nothing is ever too much for God. 

Take some time today to focus on God.  We can never have too much of Him. 


  1. I dislike being busy and feeling hetic and chaotic. And like you, sometimes my physical is not busy, but my mind sure is. I never want to be too busy, too crazy or too hetic to stop and praise God. Great post.

  2. Nice reminder. He is never too busy for us!

  3. God is unlike all others. He has time for us and look how many He is not to busy for. Surely we can find the time for this great and mighty God. Like your post.

  4. When we find ourselves with too much it is because we have resorted to carry the load ourselves.

  5. Needed this today...I've found myself too_______to pray recently! Thanks for the reminder :-)


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