Friday, March 18, 2011

Prayer 101

By: Mandy Snyder

I did not grow up in a Christian home. I was saved when I was 15 but my family was as far away from God as anyone could get, so over time I fell away. Now that God has called me back to Him and I'm a mom, I've been stressing about teaching my toddlers about God. I literally had no idea how to even start.

What words do I use? How do I show them just who God really is?

They are so little would it even matter right now?

Slowly God has been calming my fears and worries and He has been showing me ways to talk to my kids about Jesus. It matters now more than ever because their eyes are just being opened to how things work and how things grow, they are just now starting to pay attention to the outside world around them.

My daughter is learning how to pray. Maybe not the "bow your head" prayers but she definitely talks to Jesus all the time. She will tell me something or asks me something about things that she sees and I will feel God nudge me to explain further, "Jesus did that honey."

She uses her play phone to call Jesus and she will have a full conversation with her unknown Savior right in the middle of the living room floor like it was any natural thing to do during her play time.

Sometimes I believe we as parents/adults make things so complicated when really, Jesus just wants us to talk to Him the way my daughter does.

Have you ever given  your family to God in prayer? Is He Lord of your Family? If He's Lord at all He needs to be Lord of all. I thought talking to my babies about God would be hard but the more I pray and the more God opens my eyes I see such opportunity.  As they learn about the world around them God is teaching me how to show them who He is. All it takes is one simple prayer of a mom who has no idea how to raise her kids for God and admits such things to The Father.

As the weekend draws near, ask God how to show your kids something new about Him. If you have young kids like I do - they are just starting to learn about the environment around them, ask God what He would have them learn and then point that out to them, then let it sink in. I guarantee they will be paying attention and thinking it over as you talk to them.


  1. Mandy, you made me cry. When I read how Abbs calls Jesus on her play phone...I thought of my girls and how they did the same thing! You're right...NOW is the perfect time for you to begin teaching them. And, by the way, He is teaching you and encouraging you right along with them. Your faith is growing with each little light you give them! Love you, girl. Thanks for this amazing post!

  2. Great idea! My little one's say these rote prayers nightly (thank you for mommy, daddy, etc.) and I'm really trying to explain how we talk to God about anything! How we don't just say the same thing over and over to Him.
    Also have been pointing things out saying, "God made this." and other stuff.

  3. Great post Mandy! By living out the Word, we are teaching our children. It makes my heart so happy to see my kids praying, reading the Bible or quoting scripture. I am looking forward to more Family Fridays!

  4. Very nice. Prayer is simply a conversation with God..interacting with Him. This is how I want my son to know God. I want him to realize how close He is and how accessible He is to us! Thanks!

  5. I love your post, Mandy. If everyone would realize a prayer is talking to God as we would one another. I don't think praying is hard at all and you are showing your kids that. I think it is harder now raising kids than when Dave and I raised ours, there is so much more negative in the world today than there was when we raised ours. Prayers and blessings go out to you, Mandy.

  6. I want to talk to God as a child, like Abbie does. Just talk to Him like He's always right there listening to everything we say. Because He is. The faith of a child.
    You all are gonna do great, Mandy!

  7. So awesome to hear what God is doing in your daughters life; God is faithful to keep reevaling himself to our family members:)

  8. Mandy, I am so inspired by your post. I can just see your lil one on the phone talking to Jesus. Sometimes we as grown ups ... I ...... should do that sometimes. Sometimes I get so hung up on thees and thous, I forget to "just talk to him"

    I can even see not only a lil one talking on the phone but just out loud as they do to invisible friends and when interrupted by someone saying. "I will be with you shortly, you are interrupting my chat with Jesus." Hmm maybe I'll create and decorate a do not desturb sign - talking with Jesus " sign. Thanks for this reminder


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