Wednesday, September 20, 2023

ACTS Prayer Model: Confession

By: Jenifer Metzger

Last week we began a four week study on the ACTS Prayer Model. To read week one, click HERE.

Today we will take a look at the C in the ACTS Prayer Model. Once we have spent some time in adoration or worshiping God, we then move on to the next step: confession.

ACTS Prayer Model: Confession #prayer #acts #repentance #confession

Confession in the ACTS Prayer Model is just what it sounds like, confessing our sins to God. Here's the thing, God already knows what we've done, said, and thought. He knows. It isn't a surprise to Him. But just as we desire our kids own up to their mistakes even though we already know what they did, God desires us to own up to our mistakes and confess our sins to Him.

What are we supposed to confess? We need to confess all our sins to God. A sin is anything that goes against God. It could be directly against the Ten Commandments {Exodus 20}, it could be doing something we know is wrong or that God has told us not to do, it could be not doing something He has told us to do, it is really anything that goes against God and separates us from Him.

When we confess our sins, it can be easy to lay down a blanket prayer and be done. "God, please forgive my sins." Simple. Says what we want. We're done. Yet, God wants us to go deeper. Like we said, He already knows but He wants us to actually confess what we've done. We need to examine our  hearts, minds, thoughts, actions, motives, and attitudes.

Then I acknowledged my sin to You
and did not conceal my iniquity. I said,
“I will confess my transgressions to the Lord,"
and You forgave the guilt of my sin. Selah
Psalm 32:5 CSB

Instead of simply saying, "Forgive me of all my sins," we need to be specific. Call out our sins and ask forgiveness. "Lord, I had a bad attitude yesterday, please forgive me and help me to have an attitude that reflects You." "Lord, I was dishonest with my co-worker, please forgive my dishonesty and help me to make it right and be truthful."

What about a sin we might have forgotten about or didn't even realize we did? In these cases, we can ask God to reveal to us any sins we need to specifically repent of. God will bring it to our mind and we can then repent. Personally, I list my sins specifically and ask forgiveness, then ask God to forgive all my sin, and then ask Him to reveal to me anything I need to bring before Him and repent of. Sometimes, He immediately brings something to mind. Other times it may be a little while later before He reveals it to me.

Confession is a vital part of prayer and Christian living. We sin daily. God knows this, He knows we are not perfect creatures. That is why He sent His Son Jesus to bridge the gap and take our sins. But we have to do our part by confessing our sins.

By putting confession right up front in our prayer, we are cleansing our heart and preparing out spirit to continue on in a conversation with God.

1. Is confession a regular part of your prayer life?
2. Do you use the blanket "forgive me of all my sins" or do you intentionally dig deeper, calling out your sins? If not, are you willing to do so?

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