The Woman to Woman Magazine is a quarterly (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter) printed, full color magazine. Each issue is for the everyday woman. Whether married or single; mom with babies, teens or empty nester; working mom or stay at home mom; no matter where you are in life, you will be encouraged by each issue. You will find stories of inspiration, articles that challenge you, encouragement for woman in all walks of life, and so much more.

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Meet our magazine contributors:

Jenifer Metzger ~ Woman to Woman Ministries founder and co-leader, Jenifer Metzger, has a passion for ministering to and encouraging women. She is learning to say "yes" to God and loves the journey with Him.

Jenifer and her husband of 17 years, Jeremy, have four children whom she calls her blessings from Heaven. Jeremy and Jenifer are the children's pastors at their church as well as lead the marriage ministry and outreach ministry. Jenifer is a housewife, homeschools her children and is a consultant for Thirty One.

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Alyssa Santos ~ Finding faith, purpose and freedom as a writer, encourager, wife, mom, gardener and somewhat reformed pew-rat.  Alyssa always thought of herself as an ordinary girl.  She says she is still just the girl-next-door, but has come to realize that we are, none of us, ordinary.  She has embraced that she is God's handiwork and an important part of His plan to love and redeem this world.  Alyssa's aim in her life and writing is to share grace and abundant joy through a personal and meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Angie Ketcham Angie was born a Yankee girl, moved to the South, and raised in the Midwest after the age of 9. She loves her family roots and simple life and has raised her children, together with her husband, Tim, to love God and family. God called her to ministry at a young age, and she has pursued that calling, working in various Children's ministries for the last 20 years. She has been on an adventurous journey of adoption of 3 girls since 2009, and currently home schools her 3 youngest children, ages 11, 14, and 16. She has a passion for life and seeing parents excel at raising their families in the ways of the Lord.

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Debi Baker ~ Debi and her husband, Jim, have been married for 37 years.  She is a wife, mother, grandmother, office manager, and Pastor.  Debi desires to be used by God.  Having been a Christian for about 30 years, she says she is just now learning that she is special to God.  Knowing and believing are 2 different things.  She says she's always known...but she is just starting to believe it.  Debi is learning to say "Yes!" to God.  She is addicted to her family and loves spending time with them.  Debi and Jim enjoy traveling on their Goldwing's an amazing way to see this glorious creation of ours.

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Elizabeth Stewart ~ Elizabeth is a 58 year old woman who is passionate about making the rest of her life the best of her life and encouraging others to do the same. She is a whole hearted Jesus follower who has been married to her pastor husband for over 39 years. She has three wonderful daughters, three great sons-in-law, and five of the best grandchildren in the whole world. She is active in teaching God's Word and mentoring others in her local church. She blogs at Just Following Jesus and is pursing her writing dreams, her love of photography and her passion for all things beautiful.

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Melissa Baker ~ Melissa has been married to her husband, Brian, since 2006. They have three boys: Nicolas, Isaac, and Ethan. Melissa has a Christian blog, Live ~ Laugh ~ Love. She enjoys spending time with her family and watching her husband and sons play ball. Some of her interests include church, family, softball, writing, singing and running. Melissa has the desire to lead people to Christ, but she is a shy person and finds it hard to share her faith. She is hoping to do so by writing.

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Sarah MacKinney ~ Sarah and her husband, Dale, have 5 children and have been children's pastors for 8 years. Sarah loves coffee & chocolate and volleyball & running! Her hearts desire is to teach and encourage young girls and women and her dream is to be a traveling speaker. Sarah is a credential holder with the Assemblies of God and a certified Life Coach.

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Shari Miller ~ Shari and her husband, Bill, have been married for 22 years and have two children who are their precious gifts from God. She is a housewife, mother and writer. Her favorite things to do are study God's Word and be at home taking care of her family. Share is also a stage IV breast cancer survivor who lives each day striving to give God the glory for all that He has done in her life. You can find Shari blogging about leaving a Godly legacy, hope and encouragement in Jesus and her life's journey at Shari A. Miller, Living to Leave A Legacy.

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