Thank you for your interest in the ministry of Woman to Woman.  If you have a company, product, book, e-book, etsy shop, or other blog that you would like to advertise here, please read the following information:

Currently (2016) we have approximately 440 blog followers, 7,700 Facebook followers, 1300 Twitter followers, 1,800 Pinterest followers and 13,000 unique monthly page views.

An ad consists of:

125x125 ad button on the side bar of the blog
1 month $20
3 months $55 (you save $5)
6 months $110 (you save $10)
12 months $200 (you save $40)

You also have the option of doubling your ad space and advertising on both Woman to Woman Ministries and Jenifer's blog.  If you want to advertise on both Woman to Woman and Jenifer's blog, here is what we offer:

125x125 ad button on the side bar of Woman to Woman and Jenifer's blog
1 month $35
3 months $85 (you save $20)
6 months $170 (you save $40)
12 months $360 (you save $60)

As ads are placed onto the blog(s), we will also post an update about them on the Facebook/Twitter page. We will only advertise for companies we support and believe in their message therefore are happy to periodically promote them on the blog(s), Facebook and Twitter.

If you already have an ad that you use or can make one, you just need to send me the code to be placed on the blog(s). If you do not have an ad already, please send your picture and website link to me and I will create the code.

Payment can be made via PayPal using the email address, If you prefer to send a check I will provide the mailing address but the ad will not be placed on the blog(s) until payment is cleared.

Other advertising opportunities:
Woman to Woman Ministries has a quarterly printed magazine, The Woman to Woman Magazine.  Each issue has advertising spots available.  The prices are as follows:
Small ad 
   approximately 2.5 x 2.5
   $5 per publication
   $18 for one year (4 publications)

Medium ad 
   approximately 3.8 x 3.8 
   $10 per publication
   $35 for one year (4 publications)

Large ad
   approximately 5.2 x 5.2
   $15 per publication
   $55 for one year (4 publications)

If you have any questions or would like to purchase any ad space, please email me at  I look forward to working with you in ministry!


  1. Traci, Is this your site also, Woman to Woman? It looks great as well as the ordinary inspirations one. I am considering advertising for one month. Let you know after I pray about it.
    God bless your work here.
    Marlene Hibbard
    Robb and Joy's mom.

  2. Marlene, Traci writes for our magazine, the Woman to Woman Magazine. She is such an incredible woman! Would love to have you advertise here. Please pray and contact me at God bless!


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