Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Your Daily Portion

By: Jenifer Metzger

The Lord is my portion; I have promised to keep your words.
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭119:57‬

Each time we sit down with Jesus, He hands us a portion, a takeaway. He gives us what we need for that moment or that day or that situation or that season. We never walk away empty handed. If we do feel as though we’ve walked away without a portion, it is because of our own doing. Today let’s talk about how we can receive our portion every time.

Have open hands. If our hands are closed around what we think or what we want, we can’t receive what He has. We must release our grip and open our hands in worship. Then, He can fill them up.

Pray more than your requests. Sometimes we sit down with our Bible, we read a little, then we take our prayer requests to God. We forget that prayer is more than taking needs to God. Prayer is a conversation. Thank God, worship Him, tell Him how much you love Him, and listen quietly.

Repent so sin is not blocking us. Sin is like putting a black sheet in front of our face. We are blocked from seeing what is in front of us. Sin blocks us from God because He cannot be with sin. Repent of your sins so nothing is blocking you from God.

As you read, ask questions. Ask things like ”What is God teaching me right now?” and “What caused a stirring in my spirit?” If we pause long enough to ask and search the answer, we will likely find our portion.

Rid your time of distractions. I’m not talking about our kids playing. Sometimes our quiet time just includes the beautiful noise of children. I’m talking about things like our phones. Those dings and pings are very distracting. Put your phone, tablet, and other devices away so your attention isn’t pulled to them.

Let’s be women who seek and receive our daily portion every time we sit down with our Father. 

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  1. Jennifer, this is a wonderful list of reminders. Thank you for sharing this. I definitely needed this today. Sometimes after reading my Bible, I walk away and think did I get what God was trying to show me. I will take these tips into consideration tmr morning during my quiet time. This week I wrote about contentment,

  2. These are great tips. Too often we forget that time in the Bible is not just something on the to-do list, be actually meeting with the Lord.

    I wrote this week about struggling to cope mentally with our current circumstances:

  3. He is everything I need! :) We have a great post this week full of resources for children (and parents) that suffer with anxiety —>

  4. So grateful He never lets me walk away empty but fills my heart as I open it up before Him.

    My post today:


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